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This is because an optimistic person knows to appreciate and be happy.Now let us look at the characteristics of a pessimist.Now, far be it from me to place boundaries on your romantic life.I know as well as anyone that love knows no race, religion, gender, class, or (to an extent) age.This highlights the main differences between the two types.Now let us sum up the differences in the following manner.This highlights that an optimist has the potential to look at the bright side of things and make an effort. He hopes that time will change the given bad situation to a good situation.An optimist always hopes that a better position would result from a good position, and the best position would result from a better position. This is one of the key differences when engaging in a comparison between an optimistic and pessimistic person.

These words are often confused when it comes to their real meanings.A pessimist thinks that nothing can be done in a given situation and does not try to do any adventurous things.A pessimist is exactly opposite to an optimist in this regard.In fact, it can be said that both are exactly opposite to each other in their meanings.First let us try to understand the meaning behind the two words.

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But whether you've got a desert in your mouth or a fork in the garbage disposal, there's always one other thing you can look forward to every fall -- a fresh batch of freshmen goodies.

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