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I second what the above author said - PT's is claustrophobic. Sweat rises like steam from the crowd, condensing on the ceiling which is often no more than 3 feet above your head, and then drips back down like a diabolical peversion of the water cycle.

Price of a pint ~ £3 (Early 2012) The Turl is found down an alley on Turl Street, funnily enough. It is effectively a part of the Mitre across the road, itself a Beefeater establishment, not good or bad just a bit dull A long, long walk can be taken across the meadow to reach this destination, if one so desires.The only pub in Oxford to feature real working peacocks.Serves good but pricey food, possibly somewhere to take the parents.The local CAMRA group have produced a guide to every pub in town. Price of a pint ~ £3.25 (Early 2012) The Madding is found down Friars Entry, a passage that runs from between St Giles and the back of the Oxford Playhouse.They serve good food, and are essentially quite a local pub.

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