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Within a couple of weeks, Anne had booked the cover of French . Soon thereafter, she drew the notice of the legendary modeling agent Eileen Ford, who asked Anne’s parents for permission to relocate her to New York.They agreed, on the condition that Ford take her in.On the living room floor of Anne Anka’s West Hollywood house, half-hiddenbehind a 19th-century marble-top commode,is a photograph by Slim Aarons.In it, a fresh-faced, glamorous blondein a crisp button-down shirt leansagainst the hood of a Mercedes-Benz parked outside thepristine white fence of the Pebble Beach Equestrian Center, while young girls in riding caps and their ponies gather around her.Plenty of other artists have him to thank for some big hits, too.His 900-song catalog includes such titles as "She's a Lady" (Tom Jones), "Puppy Love" (Donny Osmond), "It Doesn't Matter Any More" (Buddy Holly) and "Teddy" (Connie Francis).“I didn’t know anything about contemporary art at the time,” Anka recalls.

For Anka, getting the chance to wow a crowd is still the greatest thing of all.

As he made the transition from '50s teen idol to celebrated songwriter to a contemporary torchbearer for all that swings, he has maintained a commitment to quality, bringing his best to whatever he faces.

Indeed, Anka's two most recent albums - Rock Swings and now Classic Songs, My Way - have inspired millions of music listeners to not just hear some familiar songs in new ways but to marvel at the enduring ingenuity and integrity of Anka as an artist and performer.

"For me," he says, "the good has always been the enemy of great.

To be great, you've got to forget about that select few who are going to talk about you if you don't quite make the mark -- you've got to challenge yourself."Armed with a sense of tenacity as formidable as his talent, Anka has conquered many challenges over the course of the last five decades, forging a career that's unlike any other in the history of pop.

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Large canvases by canonized painters Christopher Wool and Albert Oehlen anchor her collection. “I’ve never been afraid of it, and by now I’m just so accustomed to living with it.”Anka was born Anne de Zogheb to an English mother and a Lebanese father.

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