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“We have quite a few guns and lots of ammo and that's when I started to panic.

Thinking that if they have one of them I could be shot.” The actress ran outside of her house and made multiple attempts to call 911 while being attacks.

Her latest finds her returning to Amish country, playing an aunt in the heartwarming tale , which premieres on UP June 1.

Val, who'd played Iceman, posted an Instagram selfie on May 13 in which he wore a T-shirt with his character's face above: 'COOL AS ICE.''Almost a VALable for sale on line. 'Only this past Tuesday, Val posted a fuller version of the May 13 Instagram bathroom selfie to Twitter, and insisted in the text: 'Still got it...Tom noted in the new Access Hollywood interview from last week that Top Gun: Maverick is 'gonna have the same tone that we had from the first one, really.'According to the Mission: Impossible star, 'It's - stylistically, it's gonna be the same.We're gonna have the same score from Harold Faltermeyer.“On a lighter note..cell phone was thrown in the street and run over by my pick up [truck].Thanks to the Otter case it still is in good shape,” she said.

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