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She soon became very leery of him, and on one occasion when he felt that she had betrayed him, she felt sexually threatened, as though he had tried to rape her. Sami wanted him to help her save Lucas, who had been injured when a falling beam landed on him, something E. was willing to do for a price -- he forced Sami to submit to him sexually. returned to town and learned that Sami was pregnant, he believed that the baby was his.

Melanie Jones Hooks Up With Brady: Days of Our Lives spoilers have confirmed that Molly Burnett is returning as Melanie Jonas. took on was Nicole Walker, who was divorcing Victor Kiriakis. Sami was so jealous that she eventually admitted her feelings for E. They discussed their tumultuous past, looked to each other for comfort, and eventually, Sami and E. took advantage of Sami's dislike for Nicole to make Sami jealous. Their love affair was short-lived, as Lucas was released from prison the very night that Sami and E. In an attempt to protect his son, Lucas plead guilty to the crime and was sent to jail. discovered that Stefano was keeping a brainwashed John Black in the basement of the Di Mera mansion, E. finally turned his back on Stefano and told Marlena and Sami where to find John. They left the safe house when Stefano went into a coma and Andre died.

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