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Chilean guys will ruin you for non-Chilean guys as they’ll spoil you with unwavering affection, random acts of sweetness, and constant cariños.Congratulations to TLC singer Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas who has finally found Mr.One thing that’s obvious to see is that he fits the fitness requisite…Besides Usher, Chilli has previously dated Dallas Austin and TJ Holmes, while Brad romanced actress Jasmine Burke for several years. Hit the flip for more photos of the happy couple together.While the appropriate serving size for terremotos is probably one drink, your pololo is a terremoto-making machine, and at house parties he’ll dutifully make sure you never see the bottom of your glass.Just like in a real earthquake, the sensation will hit you suddenly, you’ll be grasping for the walls, and you’ll probably wake up on the floor with a killer caña (hangover) and a lampshade on your head. Neither you nor your pololo will have much money to spend on each other, so you’ll have to get creative when it comes to pololeando (dating).

Being nightlife intolerant just doesn’t fly in Chile.Chileans are proud yet sensitive people and are curious about and competitive with other cultures. Chileans speak their own language made up of slang, profanities, and animal-related idioms.Your Chilean boyfriend and his friends will count on you for information about your home country, and you’re an unreliable source of information. ” You’ll teach them the Cotton-Eyed Joe and the Electric Slide. Even if you speak Spanish with near fluency, you’ll often be left staring at your Chilean boyfriend and wishing subtitles would magically appear under his face.Right after years of struggling to meet her match on reality TV.BOSSIP can exclusively confirm that Chilli has been happily dating working actor Brad James quietly under the radar for the past six months.

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