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Signing to WWE in 2009 after growing up as a football player, Big E, left, currently teams with fellow wrestlers Kofi Kingston,right, and Xavier Woods in a high-energy outfit called the New Day.(Courtesy of WWE) Editor's note: The WWE RAW Live one-night show scheduled for Monday, Jan.

Big E: It's hard to characterize it as a hard, difficult life. The men, including one who performed under the name Skull Von Krush, have filed a potential class-action...

You just can't be stuck in the ebbs and flows of wrestling, of match outcomes, so gaming's been great for us.

I consider myself a gamer — not quite to the extent of Woods and Kofi, but it definitely helps us pass some time. Right now, it's a highlight of the year for me because a bunch of the shows I enjoy are coming back.

I'm a little disappointed, actually; I think [the school] banned them from shooting stuff on campus. Big E: We find ourselves stopping at Denny's a lot.

I was excited to see some of the old buildings that I had classes in on TV, but I think there's still some stuff shot in Iowa City. They've got a new set of Skillets that really caught our eye, so that's something to look forward to.

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