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Yet, despite a social structure that produces such troubling phenomena, sociologists have found that black and Latino boys, and other disenfranchised and oppressed groups, exert agency in this social context in a variety of ways.

Agency might take the form of demanding respect from teachers and administrators, doing well in school, or even disrespecting teachers, cutting classes, and dropping out.

For example, the institution of family organizes people into distinct social relationships and roles, including mother, father, son, daughter, husband, wife, etc., and there is typically a hierarchy to these relationships, which results in a power differential.

The same goes for religion, education, law, and politics.

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In contrast, agency is the power people have to think for themselves and act in ways that shape their experiences and life trajectories. Sociologists understand the relationship between social structure and agency to be an ever-evolving dialectic.

What these people and their organizations do act as structuring forces in the lives of all of us. results in a sharply stratified society in which very few people control wealth and power--and they tend to be white and male -- while the majority has very little of either.

The organization and operation of these social institutions in a given society result in other aspects of social structure, including socio-economic stratification, which is not just a product of a class system but is also determined by systemic racism and sexism, as well as other forms of bias and discrimination. Given that racism is embedded in core social institutions like education, law, and politics, our social structure also results in a systemically racist society.

The same can be said for the problem of gender bias and sexism. Our social networks are also a manifestation of social stratification, whereby social relations between people are structured by class differences, differences in educational attainment, and differences in levels of wealth.

Sociologists see social structure present at the "meso" level -- between the macro and the micro levels -- in the social networks that are organized by the social institutions and institutionalized social relationships described above. In turn, social networks act as structuring forces by shaping the kinds of opportunities that may or may not be available to us, and by fostering particular behavioral and interactional norms that work to determine our life course and outcomes.

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However, when we look sociologically at the everyday lives of people among disenfranchised and oppressed populations, we see that agency is alive and well, and that it takes many forms.

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