Vashtie dating big sean

based on one QUOTE from a FULL interview that was about ONE MOMENT in my life in which i did nothing but go to a basketball game lol...

this quote has turned into gossip because of speculation,” she tweeted.

So when Big Sean came around, she accepted his offer. Despite Aiko’s declaration, Twitter users discussed the singer potentially cheating.

Some said even if she did cheat on her husband, she had the “right” to since he betrayed her.

I told my boyfriend ‘I’m gonna go to this game.'” Her relationship with the ex ended soon after she found out he was “secretly” married, but it was too late to get with Sean Don, who was already in another relationship of his own. We’re still friends.’ We were performing together still and recording and all that.” Aiko, who is coming off last year’s Trip, insists that the two didn’t even kiss during these instances, but they finally made it work once their schedules aligned.

“When I came around, I was like, ‘Okay, let’s see what you’re talking about,’ he had a girlfriend,” she added. She wouldn’t reveal the exact details about their relationship’s timeline, only saying that it’s been going on for “a while now.” The singer has since tattooed Sean’s face on her arm.

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I had a boyfriend, but I still went…just as a friend.

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