Validating ip address in java

To set a Target Device as the template: The BIOS embedded bootstrap feature is for machine that have the PVS bootstrap embedded in to the BIOS.

This feature is OEM specific and provides users with systems preconfiugured with PVS.

The boot menu does appear to be present using PVS 7.11. If multiple v Disks are assigned to a target device the machine boots to the first one in the list.

These personal v Disks are made for users who use a VDI desktop with a static pooled desktop.If a maintenance version is detected then a target device will boot in to the maintenance mode version, the highest test version, or the production version in that order.Note this is dependant on what mode the target device is set to.It is important to know that the boot process involves a Target Device contacting PVS for the bootstrap file which is delivered via TFTP.Once the bootstrap file is delivered the Target Device can boot from the assigned v Disk.

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