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(Sledge is a MVC web application framework: [Japanese] ) The result object this module returns behaves like Data:: Form Validator:: Results. A hash reference includes input data, or an object of some class that has a method named 'param', for example CGI, is needed as first argument.And set profile as array reference into second argument.One major Perl-based discussion forum (I don't give the name here as it is semi-commercial) is fully OO, and IMO OO in Perl is nothing more than subroutines that happen to contain "instance" data with "packages" offering namespace separation.Neither of them I would agree being cited as hindrance rather than help.I would suggest either passing it to the validate_form function or dropping the 'my' keyword when you create it. The debate between the procedural and the OO camp has always been there.I put this in my Web server, entered something and submit, and got "Thank you - your form was submitted correctly! Personally I see nothing wrong with using OO-style in Perl.Because ' LENGTH' has two arguments, 4 and 10. LENGTH: input name(length should be between 0 and 10)!

Mind you, I've just started learning PERL in bits and pieces, from examples I find on the web, so if I'm missing the obvious here, please don't shoot me .

If needed, I could pm a link to the script on my server.

I don't really want to post it here, as it is just a private server in my house.

Of course, you should post the simplest variation of your script, in full, that is sufficient to demonstrate and have others reproduce the problem.

I have not visited the link you provided, so I do not quite understand how I can help you with this.

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