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Note below each of the innovations that debuted in this unfairly maligned Windows version. Windows Me was the first version of Windows to support Internet connection sharing, for both dial-up networks and broadband. Windows Me was the first version of Windows to provide a Home Networking Wizard to help users create their own home networks, where they could share files and printers.

If you want to see a Windows 7-style notification on your Windows 8 desktop, you could install the free Windows Update Notifier utility.

If you don’t reboot in three days after installing updates, the nagging and automatic reboots will start.

If you step away from your computer or leave it running overnight, Windows may automatically restart your computer, halting whatever it was doing.

To fix this, you can change the value of the No Auto Reboot With Logged On Users registry key, forcing Windows to not reboot if a user is logged in.

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