Updating strings into access database

Navigate to your new upgrade site and paste them in, overwriting any existing values.Repeat this process for any other application settings your app needs.If you know a great blog post, stackoverflow thread, or any other link that would be useful, [send us an email]([email protected]? Last updated 4/3/2014 See also Books about the Entity Framework and Additional Entity Framework Resources later in this topic.Most of the Code First tutorials listed above cover migrations. Both of these books are up-to-date with current recommended techniques.Make note of the App Service Plan it is running on.Next, create the second application instance by following the . When prompted to select you App Service Plan or "hosting plan" choose the plan of your migrated application.This topic provides links to documentation resources about how to access data in ASP.NET web applications, primarily by using the Entity Framework and SQL Server.

In order to provide continuity of service for your app, you should not publish changes to a site currently serving published clients.Instead, you should create a new mobile app that serves as a duplicate.You can put this application on the same App Service plan to avoid incurring additional financial cost.If you have already migrated an existing mobile service, you will want to create this version on the same hosting plan.Open the Azure portal and navigate to your migrated application.

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There are two options for moving from Mobile Services to App Service: migration or upgrade.

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