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To find out what is the serial number of all connected debug probes, follow steps 1 and 2 above, then locate the option serial Num If you want to set the serial number to a specific value: At this point you may unplug this probe and repeat the operation for the subsequent probes.The XDS200 allows using multiple modes of operation through the option JTAG / SWD / c JTAG Mode of the Target Configuration Editor: Check the section 3 above.The XDS100 reference design is freely available for download.The following data shows the relative performance of the XDS200 vs the XDS100v2.

The offset differs in the summer because of daylight savings time, or DST.The data was gathered on PC running Windows 8-64 bit, CCS 5.3, 3Ghz dual core and USB-2.0. Also, the XDS Performance comparison page contains some additional benchmarks and analysis with the XDS200 and comparing it to other JTAG debuggers.ICU Home Page· API: C | J ICU · Introduction · Internationalization · How To Use ICU · Unicode Basics · ICU Services · ICU Design · C/POSIX Migration · ICU4J Locale Service Provider Chars & Strings · Strings / UTF-8 · Properties · Character Iterator · UText · Unicode Set · Regular Expressions · String Prep Conversion · Conversion Basics · Converter · Conversion Data · Charset Detection · Compression Locales & Resources · Locale Class · Resources · Localizing with ICU Date/Time · Date/Time Services · Calendar Services · Time Zone class · Universal Time Scale Formatting · Format & Parse · Format Numbers · Format Date/Time · Format Messages Transforms · Transformations · Case Mapping · Bi Di Algorithm · Normalization · Transform · Rule Tutorial Collation · Introduction · Concepts · Architecture · Customization · Search String · Collation FAQ Boundary Analysis · Boundary Analysis IO· ustdio· ustream Layout Engine · Layout Engine ICU Data · ICU Data · Packaging ICU4C · Packaging ICU4J Use From ... For historical reasons, the reference point is Greenwich, England.ICU derives its tz data from the IANA Time Zone Database.The ICU project publishes updated timezone resource data in response to IANA updates, and these can be used to patch existing ICU installations.

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