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05 CUSTOMER-ACCOUNT OCCURS 1 TO 10 TIMES DEPENDING ON X. For example, you may want an array large enough to hold a file's records.

In such cases, programs need to dynamically allocate memory.

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Perhaps your readers would be interested in how to configure their accounts for the maximum privacy (and what they might be sacrificing in the process). Tech In recent days, I’ve received no fewer than six emails from tech companies warning of “Updates to our Terms of Service.” And yes, that includes Twitter (and Etsy, and Instagram, and Square and Airbnb and Periscope).

The push comes a few weeks after Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of Congress about privacy breaches.

Lesson: Check your privacy and security settings every few months for whatever digital services you use. As I relooked at the numerous new options, I saw that Twitter reminds users that even if you turn off personalization, it will track the device you’re using, your IP address and your likes, shares, and “content you’ve read.” Of course, if you choose to share, Twitter also tracks your email, phone number, contacts and public profile.

If that gives you the chills, do what you can to limit the data collection.

“The second is related to the recent issues with Facebook, their disclosure of personal information to Cambridge Analytica, and Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony.” Privacy and data collection has been thrust into mainstream attention with these two events and if you didn’t care who had access to your data before, now’s the time.

Dynamic memory is allocated using a special LE(Language environment) service CEEGTST (Get Storage).

The dynamic memory requested by the program comes is allocated by the system from the heap. Next, CEEGTST routine is called for dynamic memory allocation.

may be used to create a table of size X, where X is a variable.

Further, OCCURS DEPENDING ON does not offer any memory savings.

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As Baber Amin, with Denver cybersecurity firm Ping Identity, reminds us, “The Internet Never Forgets — just because you delete something from Twitter (or anywhere else) doesn’t mean it’s gone.” Amin said that if privacy is your concern, focus on this section where user input can be made in Twitter’s updated privacy policy, which goes into effect May 25, 2018: Your privacy and safety settings let you decide: Of course, a key purpose of Twitter is to share your thoughts publicly and follow, like or comment on other users’ public thoughts. If you want to follow me on Twitter and see what I think is important, I’m at twitter.com/Gadgetress.

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