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The professor previously edited the book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.Lee gave a presentation on why Trump's presidency was an 'emergency' to a group of Democrats and one Republican lawmaker during private meetings on December 5 and 6.

'Richard Painter, a former ethics lawyer under President George W.

Well then, why not park the ships overnight in Vancouver, or Tokyo, fill out some paperwork, and say steel is imported first from China to Canada, and then Canada to the U. Canadian steel producers reorient their production to the US, and sell to US companies who formerly bought from China. US soybean producers, rather than sell to China, sell to Canada, Brazil, and Europe. Multiplying current trade patterns by a tariff to calculate the price impact is hopelessly wrong.

The second sad story comes from the Ruth Simon and Richard Rubin at the Wall Street Journal, on how passthrough businesses are adapting to the new corporate tax code -- largely as many people warned on its passage.

The issue: Corporations, pass-through businesses, and the highest income individuals, all used to pay about the same rate. If it left the pass through rate intact, many of those businesses would incorporate. figures he can still benefit from the break by splitting his law firm, Davis & Associates, into one entity holding four lawyers and another holding the 26-person administrative staff, who take information from new clients, put together immigration applications and handle other tasks. Davis’s approach, which some have dubbed “crack and pack,” seeks to get around a provision denying high-earning lawyers, doctors and other professionals a tax break available to plumbing contractors, restaurateurs and architects...

Also, the same economic arguments for a lower corporate tax apply equally to pass throughs. But now high income people, facing a 40% federal rate (plus a 13.2% state rate in California, plus other taxes) have an incentive to become a pass through business rather than take wages. Profits in this part could be subject to lower taxes. By separating the lawyers from other parts of the business, he hopes to lower the business’s overall tax bill while changing little in his day-to-day operations.

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