The adult school of the chathams

Contact either Alternative and Continuing Education Centres listed above for more information.Summer Semester may offer secondary new credit courses, remedial elementary, coop and adult education.

For more information about the different classes being offered, or to register, click here.From inception (2011) to pilot phase in 2012 to the present, TAS has continually increased participation in our area through offering of a vast array of programs - including lecture series, technology courses, language and ESL classes, a variety of craft and art programs.Hundreds of our local residents have benefited from attending classes at the school in the last four years.Adult School-Chathams Madison is classified under special academic education schools and has been in business for 10 or more years. Adult School-Chathams Madison is a public business.Adult School-Chathams Madison is located in Madison, NJ.

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