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Nobody is better qualified than we are at Thai Silk Introductions.

But that’s the past you might say…what about the present ?

(The actual article had the heading "South Africa's Mail Order Romances" which sounded a bit better, and the article itself finished with the words "Welcome! The history behind the term "mail order brides" goes as far back as the time of the first American settlers.

The settlers, most of whom were men, could not find suitable women to marry and had to write letters to Europe asking women to become their wives.

I thought that "Cosmo", like all our friends and family, would find the way we met "very romantic".

Imagine my surprise when I read the announcement of the future article: "South Africa's Mail Order Brides"! I had no idea that, that was the official name of the process! All in all, the article was quite all right.)Now, getting back on track.

My site Russian Brides Cyber Guide at the top of many search engines for the term "Russian brides", and as a result I often receive requests for interviews from newspapers and magazines all over the world; USA, Great Britain, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Finland, Hungary, Australia, South Africa, Russia - and the list goes on.What can be ordered are introductions and Thai Silk will assist you in your Thai marriage every step of the way.Unlike other companies Thai Silk offer a caring after-service which outlines OUR sincerity of having YOUR best interests at heart.Thai ladies accept age ranges of men 20-30 years their senior. However, whether you are younger or older, if you are serious in your intentions, any one of these beautiful women could become your Thai wife. To get started, just sign up and write the ladies in Thailand that you are interested in and begin developing your relationships with them. Then when you are ready, join one of our social tours to Bangkok.

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Bangkok Thailand is one of the world's most unique cities with a blend of modern and traditional.

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