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NB: -Some of these numbers are old and outdated, to know the current population, click on the Wikipedia page of each city.

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The Philistines disappear from written history during the 6th century B. when the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar II (reign ca. 562 BC) conquered the region and destroyed several cities, including Ashkelon.

The textual records of the Philistines leave modern-day scholars with a number of problems.

One of the earliest mentions of the Philistines is recorded by the Egyptian pharaoh Ramses III (reign ca. Stories in the Hebrew Bible say that the Philistines clashed with the ancient Israelites many times.More Oil and gas companies facing waves of disruption need better tools to spot the innovations most likely to reshape their industry.Understanding three key factors in innovation success will help them plan for plausible future scenarios.Whether David or Goliath ever existed — or if a series of wars between the Philistines and Israelites occurred — are matters debated by scholars.The Philistines pop up again in Assyrian texts dating to the 8 centuries B. when the Assyrian Empire ruled much of the Middle East. In the treaty, Esarhaddon’s control “of the land of Philistines” is acknowledged and the ruler of Tyre agrees that the cargo of any ships wrecked off this area belong to Esarhaddon.

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These texts often describe them negatively and today the name “Philistine” is sometimes used to describe someone who is warlike or who doesn’t appreciate art or culture.

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