Spore updating content database not responding

Causes: Spotlight maintains an index (database) of information that it catalogs.If the index becomes corrupt (possible, but not uncommon) or if the system is still indexing due to the upgrade (most common), then Spotlight will appear to be slow to respond.If the issue still persists, the database may be corrupt and require a reindexing.To perform this, launch Terminal and enter the following commands, one at a time:mdutil -Eamdutil -ai offmdutil -ai on The first command will effectively delete the current index, while the second the third commands turn off Spotlight and turn the service back on again.Symptoms: When opening Word, Power Point, Excel, or Outlook 2016, the app crashes and/or the system freezes.Causes: According to Microsoft, there's a bug (or series of bugs) preventing Office 2016 from launching on Apple computers running El Capitan.

Solution: A simple reboot (or shutdown) may be required when it comes to hanging system files or processes.On September 30th, Apple made its latest version of OS X—El Capitan—available for download from the Mac App Store.In the week that it's been available, the adoption rate numbers have yet to come out, but the overall consensus is that this latest OS is more stable and refined than the previous OS X Yosemite was at its release.The action will clear out any task requiring the use of those files/services.Another possibility is to power down and then power up holding the [Shift] key.

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