Speed dating at amuse bouche

There may be a cute guy across the room (okay, we can’t help being superficial!

‘Leaving’ by J V Birch is serious, ‘I place my goodbye on the table/seven years of tears/line dried, folded in pairs’. It’s a paean to a sleeping woman and the reader shares her lover’s gaze. ‘Woo’ by Monica Markinova is saucy, ‘As playful pets, we bounce the Masai tribal/ Terpsichorean and bump every hanging/Picture frame askew; metronomically we swing’. He taught his stepson ‘to bury his skills’ and the boy’s mother ‘to hold her neckline when she bent, and she did it now even when nobody was around’. The wife in Alexis Drevikovsky’s ‘Once Around the Block’ develops a new muscularity in love and life through her husband’s battle with cancer. There is lust and sex and fury and grieving and gratitude.’ I think …Ever wonder how romantic it would be have a date night in Paris? We are bringing you speed dating night all the way from to the Nation’s Capitol.Join other singles like to and enjoy an evening going on 15 mini dates.

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  1. Jeff Bridges avoids heavy, demanding emotional relationships and is wary of making personal commitments. Jeff Bridges may have traveled extensively in his early years, or something in his background may have enabled him to understand and identify with many different types of people or cultures.