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However, even the majority of guys who have all the knowledge and skills to seduce a sexy 18 year old girl are too afraid to hunt for the older fishes.

don’t even think that it is possible to seduce women over a certain age when you are a young guy. I still remember how I told Sasha Daygame during my bootcamp in Oslo that one of my biggest sticking points is that I don’t believe that it is possible for me to seduce women who are older than me.

I tried to behave like a mixture of a well-behaved British gentleman and an educated professor from Harvard.

For a twenty year old guy who didn’t even have a college degree that was the most inauthentic behavior that you can imagine. I will talk about how you should and how you shouldn’t act around older women later.

Unfortunately, I see myself forced to talk about three mistakes that way too many men make when they date older women. Do not be responsible for hardening a woman’s heart. Get to know her family & friends and let your family & friends get to know her. Perform acts of service for her; make her breakfast, take out her trash, offer her your jacket when she’s cold, you get the point. I will show you exactly what you have to do if you want to attract and seduce older women.I am going to share the only reason with you, why older women want you and besides telling you the exact steps that you have to follow to get them into bed, I’ll also tell you which two types of older women are the easiest to seduce.

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