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(iii) Students begin solving homework problems on first their own and then engage in an online discussion with the instructor and other students by offering hints and asking questions.(iv) Submitted homework assignments are human graded and promptly returned with teaching assistant's comments.For questions about the course and its content and pedagogy email Professor Goetz at goetz @ sfsu . \margin \margin \page Transcripts, whether official or unofficial are only available after the date indicated on the sfsu calendar. San Francisco State University is accredited by \href.

Students (i) interact with a high quality video lecture and at times take a quiz directly related to the lecture.Calculus I introduces two fundamental concepts which enable us to describe and investigate functions. The derivative describes how a function changes at a particular time.The integral carries information about the history of a function.If a students cannot demonstrate that they are ready by passing a proctored test within first 7 days of instruction, they will be dropped from the course.\begin \title \page Calculus I at San Francisco State (California State System), now in its 11th year, is an online course which open to all students with sufficient background in algebra, notions of functions, and in elementary trigonometry.

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