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Moore said it's a growing issue in the legal system because the number of children born out of wedlock is increasing…"You do not have any legal rights whatsoever, to visitation or custody or anything like that unless you establish paternity," said Moore. Moore said the mother must still consent to visitation and if she doesn't, the father will end up having to go to court for those rights. Unmarried fathers have no rights to their children in South Carolina and, even if they prove paternity, are still under the thumb of their child’s mother.Those range from poorer mental and physical health to higher crime rates, higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, lower rates of employment, poorer performance in school, and the like.And of course fathers suffer the loss of their children.Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not in favor of stigmatizing single mothers or their children the way it used to be done.I’m merely pointing out that the absence of that stigma, plus the perfidious nature of South Carolina law have opened the door to rates of out of wedlock childbearing we’ve always known to be detrimental to mothers, their children and society generally.

According to Moore, unless a couple is married or was married at the time of the birth, the mother is not legally obligated to allow visitation.

There’s a deep, dark secret I’ll let South Carolina legislators in on; it takes two to get married. So the issue becomes how the South Carolina law affects marriage rates. Indeed, far from encouraging marriage, it discourages it.

I’m sure they’d say they already know that, but you might be surprised at how often I read or hear the rejoinder that if a man wanted parental rights, “He should have married her,” as if it’s his decision alone. That’s because women in the state know very well that they can have a child out of wedlock and suffer none of the stigma that used to be attached to “illegitimacy.” They know their children won’t be designated “bastards” and have to deal with that millstone around their necks.

The State of South Carolina has a legal system that effectively denies fit fathers their parental rights.

It does so by placing those rights in mothers’ hands.

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