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Does he regret what he did and all of the bs he put me through? ”: You’re doing nothing more than looking for validation.

” – I’d ask anyone that was willing to listen and that I thought was inclined to tell me exactly what I wanted to hear because my heart couldn’t handle hearing what my gut already knew. This is the reason that you Insta-stalk, Facebook-stalk and obsess because you’re looking for any kind of validation or reason to: A) Continue to be tied to the relationsh*t that was; remain invested in the that he’s the guy that he was for a hot second in the beginning instead of the f*cktard that he not only revealed himself to be but that he’s consistent at being.

Made complaints that I have never heard him say before.

I blame him and his blood sucking ghetto ass sister. I walked away from a 3 year relationship with the Ultimate F*ucktard!!!

Fast forward to a lot of tears, heartbreaks and enough f*cktards to sink the Titanic later, I now have a much better understanding of it all. B) Find something in his profile that really hurts you and makes you to to stop thinking about him (i.e.

he has a new flame), but since your programs are set on “validation seeking mode,” instead of taking that information to motivate you to move on, you use it as an anchor to sink is why you always end up f*cked over and alone.

I’ve found my happily ever after,” the “he’s changing for me,” etc. I was convinced that the amazing, loyal, respectful, emotionally available “prince” that he was in the beginning was going to come back out at any moment.

Your self esteem diminishes and you start to question your worth because if you good enough, he would have reached out by now. You’re not that big of a Justin Bieber fan but all of a sudden, your life has become the living version of “Where Are U Now? ”“Does the emotionally unavailable, narcissistic f*cktard that was consistently unable to respect me and be faithful to me in our relationship, finally see that he was wrong in his lies and the way he treated me?

”Every time you hear a text message alert or you hear your phone ring, your heart races and you think just for a millisecond… ” All to be abruptly let down because the “restricted caller,” was actually your bank calling you to alert you that your checking account is overdrawn. FT, even when I was pretty much over the pain and had accepted the fact that I’d never talk to him again, I have to admit, I still always wondered: while I’m miserable over here missing and cyberstalking him non stop? ”“Does he miss me enough to want to change his ways?

There is a big possibility he won’t come (text or call) back then right? some of us are looking for that break from ass wholeness? Why didn’t he care to let me fend for myself or let me down?

Let’s be honest.of us are seeking a “I miss you” because we WANT to teach them a lesson, we WANT them to crack from being an ass hole to finally saying something.. After all the dipsh*t wouldn’t even have his precious car if it wasn’t for me.

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