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In Iran, domestic relations in a couple are regulated by the Civil Code, which constructs marriage as a hierarchic institution where the husband has authority over his wife.

A World Health Organization (WHO) study in Babol found that within the previous year 15.0% of wives had been physically abused, 42.4% had been sexually abused and 81.5% had been psychologically abused (to various degrees) by their husbands, blaming low income, young age, unemployment and low education. Ghazi Tabatabaei, a renowned Iranian sociologist, led a study of domestic violence for a joint project undertaken by the Women's Center for Presidential Advisory, Ministry of Higher Education and The Interior Ministry.So far, their analyses fail to take into account the gender implications of the struggle against absolutism and traditional authority.However, the dynamic interaction of the reform project with demands and aspirations of various sectors of Iranian public life will not allow the issue to rest here.For example, the women's Basij leader, Minu Aslani, opposed efforts to fight domestic abuse in Iran, because she felt that it threatened Iran's traditional values.Many people in positions of power hold similar opinions, viewing feminist efforts to achieve gender equality as a threat to Islamic principles.

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5/30/18 - In threatening Iran with the "strongest sanctions in history," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was probably not thinking of the Mongol sieges of Iranian cities.

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