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It all started when Michael was talking to the Essex historian Herbert Hope Lockwood in front of the Bennett monument in St Margaret's church, Barking.

"It's strange" said Bert "but no-one really knows anything about him, apart from the hearsay that Bennett (or his father) was one of Admiral Sir Clowdisley Shovell's captains and that he survived the Great Scillies Disaster of 1707 through sheer navigational skill".

Several boats had been hit and were out of commission as far as we were concerned.

One or two bodies laid at the waters edge, we were told they were ones that started to jump the queues.

Kankamol Albon’s skill at convincing people to buy luxury cars allowed her to live in a £4million, 14th-century mansion with ten bedrooms and a moat, take expensive holidays and send her five children to private schools.

Prison: 'Greed driven' Kankamol Albon, 41, (pictured) has now been jailed after she admitted her luxury car dealership was nothing more than a front for a fraud operation which raked in millions of pounds The complicated Ponzi scheme saw Albon use money from new customers to pay off her most disgruntled creditors.

Seldom has such a gloom been cast over the town, and the rumour was at first deemed incredible.Still many were assembled, and divine service proceeded; but when the Minister ascended the pulpit, he perceived, from signs not to be mistaken, that the whole of the immense and massive roof had shifted and sunk, and might at any instant crush him and the whole congregation' This is a meticulous transcription of the list of the Beccles men who served in the first world war.This was published in book form in July 1920, and based on the official rolls published during the Great War and a great deal of research, including house-to-house distribution of forms sent out in July and collected in early October, 1919 THE Committee responsible for the publication of this List feel that no apology for any seeming delay will be needed by any one who at all realizes the amount of labour entailed in its preparation and the many difficulties in the way of carrying it to a successful issue.Pentlow Church is a very old Saxon church, probably over a thousand years old, and possibly even dating from the early years of the seventh century during the revival of Christianity in East Anglia. Gregory and St George (previously St George), is one of only four ancient round towered churches in Essex and is its most northerly church.Suffolk is unhappily not free from examples of modern church building, those plague-spots of architectural beauty.

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