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falling into it hurts, but it doesn't kill instantly.

If you have an epic-level party, they're fighting near a high-heat, fast-flowing lava flow ...

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I think that in general, rivers of lava should be used only for high-level adventures; don't start off level 1 characters fighting across molten pools of doom this isn't only for game-balance issues, but also to allow room for the threats to grow.

Rocks, however, will generally not float in lava, since they are denser than the molten rock.

Encounters are a lot more fun when your shifting, pushing, and immobilizing powers can be used to push the bad guys into lava!

If you really want to be "realistic", remember that lava, while a liquid, is incredibly dense; it is just marginally less dense than solid stone.

Presuming you're a DM, I'd say its up to you, and you should scale it to the approximate level of the party.

Keep in mind that there's lava in many different forms - if you have a low-level party, they're fighting near a cool, slow-flowing, almost-solidified lava flow ..

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I would also reccomend lava as more useful as a terrain feature than as a trap, per-se ...

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