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We all compare our current romance to ones we’ve had in the past, and an occasional reference to an old steady is no cause for alarm.

“But," says marriage and family therapist Joan Sherman, "if it’s happening 24-seven, it’s a problem.

But when I do get to see her, all I hear about is how much she misses hanging out with me. I even worked with one of them at a previous job for a full month and the last four or five times I’ve seen him he’s introduced himself to me thinking he hasn’t met me before.

My friend recently got out of a long-term relationship where her entire social circle consisted of her boyfriend’s friends, so I understand that it’s important for her to have her own group now.

Relationships aren’t about marking your territory for life.

They’re about finding someone you click with and can learn from — and if you’re lucky, create a life with.

But, as we know, most relationships end eventually, and there can be a tendency to protect their memory or somehow preserve the feelings we had while in them.

But applying a code to those doesn’t make them special, GCB; they’re already special on their own.

She could be “talking” to any of my exes and I would feel the same exact way I’m feeling now.

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Holding on to previous romantic attachments creates feelings of distrust and can stymie an otherwise promising relationship.

If you keep the conversation focused on your relationship and leave her new friendships out of it, you’ll reduce the risk of alienating her, offending her choice in friends, and coming off as jealous, which, frankly is the way you sound in your letter. It’s especially what people do after ending long-term relationships where they focused mostly on their significant other.

And keep in mind that while your friend’s behavior may seem different lately, it really isn’t unusual. So remind your BFF that while she’s fostering new friendships, which will naturally take a big chunk of her time, yours still needs tending.

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