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I think it's easier for people to be more friendly when they can relate a face and a name.

So how many of these friends did you go on a date with and then they decided they didn't want to date you again (the ones where you wanted to still date them)?

I guess I'm curious as to what age/gender you are and how long you've been in Seattle, and what the dating scene in Seattle has been like for you. Does this "Seattle Freeze" thing I keep hearing about make dating hard?

I'm hearing that there are far more men than women in the city limits but is it really that way or just an exaggeration? Really I just want to hear what everyone's experience has been like in the city and I'm looking for responses from everyone (male/female/trans, gay/straight/bi).

Hi Seattle Reddit, I'm a single 28 year old female who will be moving to Seattle next month for a job.

My 36 year old cousin (also female, also single) and my 32 year old friend (male, single) are moving there with me.

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You can click that to see exactly what someone else typed in their post -- so you can see the Now, when a woman says you should be better off as friends I'm not saying you should be negative and say no.

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