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The couple has a daughter named Bailey Deluca Baio, initially, Bailey was supposed to be born with her twin sister but unfortunately, she was unable to make it. Bailey was born with a metabolic disorder, which inspired Scott to found Bailey Baio Angel Foundation, which has been supporting families who have a member with a metabolic disorder in their family.

Baio was then cast in the lead of a new sitcom, Charles in Charge, as a conscientious young man who earns money for college by playing nanny to two lively teenage girls and their younger brother.He has also proved himself to be a great director, which has helped in refining the art of true cinematic techniques.We just that he hope he keeps on making new shows and acting on the screen, as he has so much more to offer to the industry.Their instant chemistry led to the stars falling in love with each other at first sight.Later they started dating and officially became each other forever.

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