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Actually makes sense to me that there probably is some correlation.

The schitzophrenia society states that the numbers are like 1 in 100 people have some form of it, not always diagnosed.

I really wasn't trying to be disrespectful or take from the seriousness of the problem.

I just think people try to hard to blame Pot on things that aren't really related.

She ventured over to my home one day and whilst making herself a coffee starting talking to herself and answering herself, then out of the blue accussed me of sleeping with her husband.

At this point i was very angry and told her to leave.

She left talking to herself again as she was leaving. Come christmas she was insulting me at a get together, then was 'normal' later in the evening. Even doctors have a hard time diagnosing it because it takes a lot of observation and there are so many things that it 'might' be.. Dealing with it with someone you love is even harder.

I guess i should have added that her alcohol consumption does not help the situation either.

The reason for schizoprenia could be others but, any check upwill considered that as the first probable cause. julietjuliet, under some circumstances I would make lighthearted fun about the double name thing, but this is not one of those moments.

Genaral symptoms will be paranoia, inferioritycomplex, insecurities, agresive and violent verbal behaviour with self and others. A quick word on Schizophrenia, recent medical discoveries have linked a good 92% of Schizophrenics with poor diet and nutrition. There are plenty of doctors and mental health experts especially in Europe who are now treating mental health patients with Schizophrenia with a regiment of dietary and nutritional changes with amazing results.

I know people who seemed absolutely normal, and got involved with some drugs more serious them pot and alcohol, and even some with just pot or alcohol., and symptoms of paranoia has come out.

It started out slow like accusing people of stealing things from them, but advanced quickly.

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