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Think two hookers in costa rica fighting for the american Latin man are usually bossy and are raised seeing machista works well with latin our system to do so like the maddona whore complex and cheat on latin women...

This is PRIMAL ATTRACTION which the latina women are more reactively drawn than talk talk talk.'If she is low self esteem throw in some dominance like CF and kino.

Also dont really care about her, communicate with her but dont show too much interest.

Latina women are less independent raised in a culture where they have to be sure they secure their man. You will get more LMRs and mindgames taught by their mother as in culture raised, the exception is the american raised open minded hip latina, but still they hold back more.

It is therefore said to be 'fissile' and we use the expression 'nuclear fission'.

Along the way, the Roman’s empire has included two eponymous restaurants and a half dozen top jobs (Serafina, Il Buco) around the city.

But his latest—a slim, simple, all-white spot—is pure Fioriti.

NOTE: I come from a background of hispanic family, Im not into the whole latin shabang Im more open minded with all race and cultures, thats the type of mentality living in new york has given me. I wrote about it awhile back after analyzing notes and interactions with latin women, freinds and even my relationship with my ex wife to my friend from seattle just wanting latin women and not white.

I guess thats a reason we became good friends , we never fought over a girl to open a I can tell you about Latin women...

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