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Make no mistake, if you're not good at sales, or not prepared to work hard to get good this is not the place for you to work.

However, if you're not scared to work hard then this is a great place to work if you basically want ANY time of you want to carve out your acting career and earning good money.

Generally the whole thing is a sham, everybody knows it, few people vocalise it because they're desperate to hold on to their jobs and pay their bills.

In all honesty, if you are an actor, you are better off working at a cinema or even getting work as a waiter, at least you will have some mental freedom and won't be treated like dirt.

I'm 28 and have had A LOT of jobs whilst trying to be an actor! Most of the work is sales though and it is target based.

I come and go as I please because of auditions and acting jobs and really enjoy meeting all the people that work here. Your other colleagues on the phone, the supervisors and managers are all really nice people. You do get given targets but I have to be honest I have never felt pressurised to sell.

The managers do not understand or sympathise with the draining and repetitive nature of the job, you're not allowed to use your own pitch, you get sent home without pay if you're not on target.

The persistent pressure to perform - with absolutely atrocious data - is unbearable. Within a day or two the shallow positive energy they try and brainwash you with during the training evaporates and you quickly realise you are doomed.

The managers try and gloss over the cracks with competitions where you can win a bottle of wine.Pros Where part time and full time employment integrates effortlessly with shift flexibility, within an PAYE office environment. Minimum of four shifts, and maximum of seven shifts per week. Ideal for independent creatives, that may need the flexibility of time off to pursue their own vocational opportunities. I worked here for 4 years and I can categorically assure you that the last thing this company is is flexible.In house professional employment agency to assist performer employees with professional auditions. On the contrary they make you feel guilty about taking time off.We also get freebies occasionally like energy drinks, flavoured water, cakes & money off vouchers!Cons It's an ugly gaping hole of a company, devoid of morals, utterly fake and pretentious in every respect, obscene management who don't know how to manage, holier than thou attitude, terrible pay, no standards and the absolute rubbish if work. The reason why people are posting negative reviews on here is not because they were bad at their job but because they felt as though their talents and abilities had been taken advantage of by a third rate, amateur "sales" company who favour a select few at the inner circle but who treat the remaining 99% of their staff like dirt.

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