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For example, you may opt to skip the update of the current row or skip the update of all remaining rows.Row Updating = new Sql Row Updating Event Handler(da_Row Updating); da. The code below is to resolve my particular issue with SQL CE to be able to update IDs on the table.

My Grid View has a mix of Read Only and Read/Write columns. Then inside Row Data Bound event I set its visibility to false. You should be able to access these columns inside the row-updating-event.

Hi there, I am setting a date parameter representing the days date if a row in my gridview databounded checkbox is checked at the time of updating, but I only want to do this if the checkbox was previously unchecked. This is the Gridview I am using and the SQLData Source.

Item( It is only the Old Values object that contains 'nothing', the New Values passed the values correctly.

The following SQLite Row Updated Event Args properties provide information specific to this event.

However you can use the extended method to wrap the Row Updated event and expose it to other classes (ie My Row Updated) The extension I have a possible alternative.

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