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At this time, acute urinary retention can occur, and because of the difficulty of outflow of urine from the upper urinary tract is disturbed renal function. They are intended for the treatment of impotence, they are used for obtaining solid penis.

When sex is not possible, the doctor prescribes Cialis pills.

Prostate cancer cannot be prevented; at least prophylaxis has not yet been developed.

Symptoms of the disease – usually a urinary disorder, similar to symptoms of prostatitis and BPH, appear in the later stages of the disease.

This leads to compression of the prostatic urethra and a constriction of its lumen, which prevents normal outflow of urine from the bladder and promotes obstructive symptoms: The stream of urine becomes thinned and very sluggish, the patient may feel that the bladder is not completely emptied; residual urine volume reaches 100-200 ml or more.

In the presence of the disease, cannot be delayed diagnosis and treatment, if the doctor has ordered an urgent requirement.

Chronic prostatitis can be infectious and noninfectious.

This disease requires: However, in severe cases, with late onset of antibiotic therapy, can form an abscess of the prostate gland, which requires surgical treatment, as a transition of acute inflammation in chronic.

Earlier the disease is detected, the sooner you can start productive treatment.

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Modern methods of treatment of BPH are diverse and highly effective, the choice of treatment depends on the stage of the disease and adenoma size. Timely diagnosis and drug treatment of the disease will stop the prostate growth and avoid surgery.

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