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(I mean, even Her Majesty has been seen on a train since the 80s.)It strikes me that there is nothing about Elizabeth that is casual, from the way she pronounces the word ‘yes’ (variants on yup or yah), to her perfectly applied soft grey eye make-up, to the fact she lives part-time in a house that she admits has more bedrooms than she could ever possibly need.

When The Royals first aired last year there was much talk about it being based on the real Royal Family, but by the end of the first season Queen Helena’s husband King Simon has been stabbed to death, her first-born son is also dead, she has had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend and her brother-in-law has orchestrated a hit on her lover.

Or, rather, they are not complex as we understand such things.

Each one seizes upon a single facet of human experience: Rage, hunger, compassion, hope, etc. We classify as demons those spirits who identify themselves with darker human emotions and ideas."The spectral inhabitants of the magical realm called the Fade that exists alongside the physical world.

Drohg had been lighting a torch when one attacked, and we finally caught a glimpse of something other than shadows.

In the flame's light, we saw a man's body like those of the Imperium humans, but covered in scales.

The once-immortal elves have been declining for centuries, and are now split between the wandering Dalish tribes and the alienage elves in human cities.

’s TV show The Royals, which we’ve met to discuss over breakfast in a Soho hotel.

Their wedding in 2007 was a bi-continental extravaganza with parties in London and Rajasthan. But I have never had a day off sick in my entire life, and it’s the same with him.

She eats three apples a day; practises the martial art wing chun; tries to drink a mug of hot water in the morning but often forgets, and never ever eats fast food or ready meals – though she will eat chips at a restaurant.

Though she modestly claims she is no longer in a position to play sexy leading ladies – ‘I’m more in the mum category now!

’ – Elizabeth appears in several saucy scenes in no more than a silk negligee.

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Referred to as the "Maker's first children", they range from compassionate, helpful beings to twisted, vile monsters to entities whose morality does not make any sense.

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