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Maybe you’ll hold out for someone who can handle your multiple needs or who is just as eccentrically stylish.

Perhaps you’ll decide instead that you do need to change and will spend time focused on this.

The good news is that nothing can sort between rejection and feedback faster than a mind which is confident and comfortable.

So, if you’re turned down for dates because people think you’re too needy, or that your fashion sense is too much to deal with, use this as valuable feedback and up the ante.

Here are some considerations to help you do just that: 1. When a relationship comes to an unfortunate end, stick to the facts. It takes time to see if the love you share is the permanent kind.

Avoid piling on self-deprecating opinions like “This means I’m not worth loving,” or “Now I’ll never find someone to love,” or “I must not be very attractive.” These messages are not only untrue, but they can also generate even more pain than the loss of the person you cared about. When a breakup happens, that doesn’t mean you are flawed, nor does it mean you’ve failed. And if it’s not, it isn’t a statement about you at all.

Narrow down your own fears of rejection in to specifics and then ask yourself how feel about that area of your life.

We’re taking the best of what e Harmony does and combining that with what personal matchmakers do best – person-to-person conversation, opportunities for feedback, and coaching to put your best foot forward.Your mind, when it fears something is usually trying to protect you.For example, if you’re in a fearful state about relationships then it’s less likely that you’ll put yourself in ‘danger’ by dating people.When someone you care about ends a relationship, it can evoke feelings that range from disbelief to despair and everything in between. “I thought I had a lot to offer—but maybe not.” When this happens—and we say “when” because it happens to nearly everyone—it’s easy to interpret the event as a painful rejection of the most personal kind. “There must be something wrong with me.” The same is true when someone with whom you’d like to explore a relationship doesn’t return the interest.

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