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If you have received your verification email, make sure to sign in with the email address that received the verification email, rather than using your username.

Alternatively, you may be entering your password incorrectly.

Your Local Sexting account has to have been registered to a correctly-typed email address that you have access to in order for you to receive this email.

If you do not know your password and do not have access to the email account associated with your Local Sexting account, we can not help you and will not manually reset your password, as there is no way for us to be sure that you are the rightful owner of the account. If you feel that you are being harassed on Local Sexting, the best course of action is to block the user who is bothering you.

Due to the potential for abuse (people who should not have access attempting to get access), we will not narrow down for you which of these is happening.

Searching under "local" will always center on your location as determined by any GPS or IP geolocation data we have for you.

You can do this with the "block" button in any message that user has sent you.

When considering fake users, keep in mind that we cannot always issue bans based only on your word.Reports of this nature will generally be ignored unless it can be demonstrated that the user has malicious or criminal intent in presenting a fraudulent identity. In order to be less confusing, we've called the button you press to get rid of the message "Delete," but no single-word name we could have used would be 100% accurate.When the other user sends you another message, the thread will return.Because various mail providers may implement anti-spam measures differently, you may need to use a different provider than you normally use in order to use Local Sexting.If you need another verification email, simply change your email address and one will be automatically dispatched.

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