Quicken closes when updating

Error CC-508: This is likely caused when your financial institution has changed its website, added a new web page or introduced a pop-up window (such as a request to verify or update your personal contact information) that requires an action by you to continue.

Have used and I like Quicken, think it's a good program just going through growing pains. Have done a "clean" install after the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Check the bank website for notices, and check your email for a message from your financial institution regarding planned outages, maintenance or scheduled downtime.

You may simply need to wait a few hours before you can complete a download.

Confirmed 2016 is R8, it did the updates when loading both times.

Ran the Mondo patch manually after making sure anti-virus turned off, same problem.

The bank likely marked the transaction as pending, and won't include the transaction in your download until it's fully completed.

The following common issues and suggestions can help resolve these issues when Quicken isn't updating your transactions correctly.

This is a simple and obvious one, so check first to make sure you have a working connection to the internet.

Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." Yesterday, I updated to the Quicken 2009 program but still get the same error message.

I am able to open the Quicken 2009 program and data file as a different administrative user on the same computer, but I am the primary computer user and have administrative privileges.

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Has there been any suspicious activity or other security concern with your account that may have prompted the financial institution to reset your password or lock your account?

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