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Lucky for me I happen to be dating a guy that loves to help, and he reallllly loves to make pom poms (it’s true, he says it’s relaxing), so this turned out to be a not-so-time consuming project, but you can also purchase pre made poms on Etsy too!

While you’re saving yourself all kinds of pom pom making time you can now be pondering what Jared is going to look like in thirty years with knitting gear in hand, cause clearly that’s where he’s headed (love you, babe! First, attach the picture hanger to the back of the wooden round.

In addition to cheap prices and friendly staff, one of the strengths of Trader Joe’s is its carefully curated shelves.

No, it doesn’t have nearly the selection of a supermarket, but the items it does stock are so well-chosen you feel as if you are in a food boutique — a boutique where everything is on sale.

I’m also 120% positive that I don’t have the attention span for learning how to weave one, so I decided to make my own version of a wooly (that’s a technical word right?

You can always go with more neutral colors or a different shape besides a round wooden piece!If neither is available, china would be acceptable.Don't use pottery or ceramic-ware because it's believed that these absorb oils and other substances from foods--in this case, from the non-kosher food that you usually serve.--Scavenger The laws of kashrut (Hebrew for "kosher" or, literally, for "fitness") are complicated and open to much interpretation.As with any religious laws, there are gradations of keeping kosher, just as there are gradations of being Orthodox.

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Use either new forks, spoons, and knives or plastic ones.

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