Paul and nikki reed dating

I'm actually not very good at singing other people's songs.

The two began dating in July 2014 and tied the tied knot on April 26, 2015, in Malibu."It's good to be an artist that can write and showcase what you do as an individual," he said."That's something I always wanted to do because that's my main thing.She's part of a billion dollar franchise and she gets humbled and tongue-tied over a goofy Nashville singer with perfect teeth. A Mumford and Sons song would have been amazing too! I love that she knew who he was but he didn't know who she was, and she's the bigger "celebrity". She was always my favorite from that mess of a franchise, so this is pretty cool.Alot of people might have actually starting becoming fans next week if he would have performed a song by those artists " border="0" alt="blushing.gif" /^Them being into other people. Okay, after rewatching the "meeting" on Youtube and seeing this blog entry... She seems really sweet and REALLY into him and I like that. At the moment, I think Pia was more into him than the other way around, but he was into her for sure. My theory is that Paul knew that Stefano was crushing on Pia so he stepped back for his best friend but he still secretly liked her too.

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