Panamanian dating customs

The etiquette in Panama is more like being in the beach. The weather is always 80 degrees, and it goes up and down a few points in the night.The people wear jeans and sweaters, and if you go to a more formal place, you may wear a sports jacket. You see a lot of people in shorts during the day, while the girls also have those short pants.We have a lot of European hotels now, and ones from South America.Panama City is a fast paced metropolis with a slow pace of life.They also wear the formal suits, but the normal people don’t wear suits around the city in daytime, unless you’re a banker or a lawyer.The customs in Panama and in the United States are a hundred percent the same.Unless you are with your own peers or your own countrymen or other Westerners, be observant about the culture.

If you are prone to complaining all the time, they'll provide you with plenty of opportunities.

If you’re doing business in a government office etc., even if it’s in a small town, for example, for car registration.

Panama is also, as true of Latin culture, strongly religious. You simply dress differently when you are in the city and when you are at the beach. Please keep in mind that Hawaiian shirt, shorts and flip-flops are not mandatory for visitors.

Of course many Panamanians have resided in the States, and they are totally aware of the contrasts.

In the long run it’s good to be aware of where tradition is at in a Latin American country such as Panama.

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As Americans tend to be less traditional, often Panamanians will give you leeway and make excuses for themselves by saying, “Well, we know that you don’t do this in the States.” In situations like this you can put them at ease as it might be a pleasure for you to be in a situation where you are observing and you are maybe remembering, if you are as old as I, that kind of tradition is the way our grandparents and families lived.

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