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In the network section, each line is a valid URI or IRI reference to a resource to fetch from the network (or the wildcard character Cache manifest files can switch from section to section at will (each section header can be used more than once), and sections are allowed to be empty.An application cache always includes at least one resource, identified by URI.The use of an application cache modifies the normal process of loading a document: In Chrome you can clear the offline cache by selecting "Clear browsing data..." in the preferences or by visiting chrome://appcache-internals/.Safari has a similar "Empty cache" setting in its preferences but a browser restart may also be required.Avoid using it and update existing code if possible; see the compatibility table at the bottom of this page to guide your decision.

Network entries in an application cache are essentially an "online whitelist"—URIs specified in the section are loaded from the server instead of the cache.The following is a more complete cache manifest file for the imaginary web site at MIME type.All resources served using this MIME type must follow the syntax for an application cache manifest, as defined in this section.You do not need to list all the pages you want cached in the manifest file, the browser implicitly adds every page that the user visits and that has the attribute set to the application cache.Some browsers (e.g., Firefox) display a notification bar the first time a user loads an application that uses the application cache.

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