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When you hide or don’t tell some story of who you are, men either going to pass. (You don’t want him to post a photo with hair and then show up to your coffee date bald as a cue ball, do you?

And if you post old pics , they are going to feel duped when they meet you. It’s not pleasant.) There’s no reason to post a picture of you when you were 20 pounds lighter or 20 years younger. ) Stop worrying about how your body looks at your age and remember: you’re not 30 and you’re not supposed to look like you’re 30.

If you’re not having a good time or something doesn’t feel quite right, cut your losses and call it a night – there are plenty more singles out there who cannot wait to meet you!

And we’ve all heard about men being very visual, so it makes some sense that you’re concerned you can be rejected for your looks.

If you’re a women using online dating after 40, and you’re having that fear of “rejection by photo,” OR if this is something that is keeping you from going online, this article should assuage your photo fear.

Men appreciate REAL women and want to see that in your photos, so don’t try to hide yourself.

Your online dating profile and your photos are the first impression you will make.

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Writing a profile and filling out questionnaires can be a challenge, but the posting pictures part is the hardest part for many.

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