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Māori cultivated food plants which they had brought with them from Polynesia, including sweet potatoes (called kūmara), taro, gourds, and yams.They also cultivated the cabbage tree, a plant endemic to New Zealand, and exploited wild foods such as fern root, which provided a starchy paste.was the first European explorer to circumnavigate and map New Zealand.From the late 18th century, the country was regularly visited by explorers and other sailors, missionaries, traders and adventurers.Subsequent governments have generally maintained these policies, although tempering the free market ethos somewhat.New Zealand was originally settled by Polynesians from Eastern Polynesia.

After these came the iwi or tribe, consisting of groups of hapū.

The interventionist policies of the Third National Government were replaced by "Rogernomics", a commitment to a free market economy.

Foreign policy after 1980 became more independent especially in pushing for a nuclear-free zone.

War and the imposition of a European economic and legal system led to most of New Zealand's land passing from Māori to Pākehā (European) ownership, and most Māori subsequently became impoverished.

From the 1890s the New Zealand Parliament enacted a number of progressive initiatives, including women's suffrage and old age pensions.

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The descendants of these settlers became known as the Māori, forming a distinct culture of their own.

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