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A tribute to their contribution to Belfast trade and the Northern Irish economy, this mural in West Belfast depicts the female workers of Ross’s Mill.This collage in East Belfast pays tribute to the RMS Titanic.

However, in recent years, the mural is understood as a symbol of peace and stability, in the aftermath of conflict.

Originally intended as an internal boundary within the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, the border was created in 1921 under the United Kingdom Parliament's Government of Ireland Act 1920.

Prior to this, a separatist Irish parliament had been established in Dublin, which did not recognise the Government of Ireland Act, and was actively engaged in the Irish War of Independence.

Built in Belfast Harbour, it set sail in 1912 on its only voyage.

The ‘Ship of Dreams’ made Belfast’s dock the major trading post that it is today, improving infrastructure and the workforce in the region now named Belfast’s Titanic Quarter.

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