Non muslim dating a muslim girl

He would subtly flirt from time to time but he would also talk about other girls so I wasn't sure if he liked me or was just being a goof ball (another one of the things I love about him! We saw each other more and more as things progressed, at first just meeting up for school work but then gradually for other things, like coffee, "hanging out" and we even saw a couple movies together. His flirting wasn't subtle anymore and he did it a lot.I wanted really badly to believe that we were already dating "unofficially", but he had a handful of other female friends that he was close with so again, I didn't know if he was into me or was just this way with everyone. He wasn't a jerk or a "playa", I'm sure he was only doing it because I would smile and laugh and just in general respond positively.The decision to marry someone is the most important in your life.I will only marry my boyfriend, I cannot imagine life with anyone else.You ever been with someone you can sit down next to for hours and hours in complete silence, just look at each other and feel calmer than anything else? I call myself a "Muslim" but I don't think I actually am.I think that's love, and that's how I feel when I'm with him. I mean, I was raised by a Muslim mother and father.

In any other situation I would listen to them but this is marriage.

As a teenager I leaned very strongly towards Pantheism but thought it was a bit "cold".

My understanding of Sikhism is that the concept of God is similar to the one in Pantheism, but the relationship between human and creator is a deeply intimate one.

I'm up to my neck in hot water right now and could really use some advice. I did senior year high school here and then started Uni. We sat next to each other every now and then at the beginning and so knew that the other one existed.

You probably know what's wrong from the title, but let me give a bit of background information: I live in Canada with my parents and siblings (but have only been here for a few years, we lived in UK before that and I used to be a lurker on this site, and I'm asking on here because I know there are always people that reply to the threads and give good advice! In In the second semester he was in another one of my classes and since the first day we always sat with each other since we at least knew the other person from a previous class.

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I would consider running away from home if this was happening.

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