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Their distress demonstrates why we so badly need to change the way we think about sex — and why people who don’t actively pay attention to their partner’s needs in the bedroom risk violating them.

The collective anguish of all these women has been haunting me this week in the wake of the publication of a piece about one woman’s evening with Aziz Ansari, which ended, she says, with him repeatedly disregarding her verbal and nonverbal boundaries as he pursued his own sexual agenda.

What’s much more likely is that he didn’t care how she felt one way or the other and treated her boundaries as a challenge. Teaching affirmative consent does something profound: It shifts the acceptable moral standard for sex, making it much clearer to everyone when someone is violating that standard.

It strains credulity to imagine he truly thought she was excited about what was happening between them.Since decent human beings only want to have sex with people who are into it, this shouldn’t be a hard sell.But if you’ve been raised to think of sex as a battle of the sexes, or a business deal in which men “get some” and women either “give it up” or “save it” for marriage, it can still be a jarring idea, like suggesting to someone that there’s something they could breathe other than air.Only 24 states and Washington, DC, mandate that schools teach any kind of sex ed at all.And only one — California — mandates that students receive education in affirmative consent.

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