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Who knows -- if it goes well, you may not need a hotel after all.Going on a date with a strange person in a strange land can be an intimidating prospect.“I matched with a guy whose first message was something like ‘you want to come to the best NYE party ever? “Of course I said yes, that my friend and I had no plans.

Plus we were on a balcony with views of the opera house and the harbor bridge.” Don’t overlook Instagram as a great way to meet people abroad with whom you have a ton in common.

But then, traveling abroad is all about doing and eating and seeing things you never could at home.

By his second date with a Tinder match, Jay (not his real name), an American diplomat stationed in the Middle East, got invited to a raucous Islamic wedding -- a cultural extravaganza he wouldn’t have experienced otherwise.

Share your phone’s location with a trusted confidante in the city. After all, you’re a mysterious traveler with a fascinating accent and intriguing stories about places the locals have only read about.

And remember, it’s much better to meet a local in a well-lit cafe near the Louvre than in their fifth-floor walk-up out in the 18th Arrondissement. Anyone who swipes right on someone who’s “just visiting” is generally cool with a short-term arrangement and skipping the small talk.

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